Love Revolution
{ In Love We Trust }

Welcome to the Love Revolution.

This movement was inspired by the German Author Micheal Ende with his book MOMO

This Movement is made by Children. Vision of this ovement is to come back to the basics.

About Love Revolution

Life starts with mothers Love & should end with blessings from love only.

It is a time to live in peace on this planet. To bring back the smiles on their beautiful faces

We want to dedicate this Revolution to all children in this World and to give this planet back to them.

It is our duty now to bring back the sun.

To give them back spcae to play & run.

To support them in a healthy growing, way that contains Body Mind & Soul.

To save them from any kind of danger in the future.

To potect their space, their rights, their happiness & their future

Our duty sould be to protect the devine Mothers & Fathers, because they are taing care of our real future.

Your support

Welcome Love Revolution with open arms

!! Om Shanti Om Shanti Shanti Om !!

Take Action, Take responsibility

Let's start to build the new world for them without fear anymore.

This Revolution should bring so much love back to Mother Earth.

Our biggest wish should be to bring this revolution to all children around the world so they can start 2022 with a "New" world with lots of love & family time.

Our children need our support now.

Lets give the, their faith back, their life back, their families back. Give back the air to breath.

So let's give the world back to them, we should trust them.

Then the crown belongs on the children's head.

Always be happy nd let others be happy.

How to Join Us

To be part of this eautiful movement & support the change, join the Love Revolution Familia.

Please be a beautiful artist & show the world your own painted T-shirt with our message "Love Revolution" & your country name.

Take a picture & send it to us on facebook/instagram.

So that you show is that you are a beautiful member of la Love revolution Familia.

We grow together to be a big big family.

We love you

We respect you

We support you

We welcome you

!! Stay safe. All god's bless you !!